Below is some of our previous work.
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Tropical Sushi Squad

Equip your fish with weapons and armor to control the aquarium!


Power up your chicken to eat the most feed while avoiding wolves!

Tic Tac BLAM!

Use attacks to remove your opponent and get three in a row!

Rocket Racers

Race your rocket car around obstacles to finish first!

Omega Cheese

Push blocks to squish enemies and make a path!

Boot The Noot

Catch the falling Noots in your vacuum machine and spit them to safety!

Elemental Office

Use the elevators to collect the hearts in each row. Avoid your elemental co-workers!

Lands of Kachitoria

Collect elemental powers and free your friends in this platformer.

Sludge Busters

Match sludge colors to recycle them before it piles up to the top!


Catch the falling Noots with your hover vacuum!

Hungry Hank

Eat all the pizza and root beer before the spirits of indigestion catch up to you!

Space Rocks

Mine the rocks for gems and avoid getting smashed to space bits!

Quad Blocks

Put four of the same color together in a square
to clear. Fill a row to make it all the same color!

Toady Turnpike

Get the toad across the street and onto the lily pads!

Sea Intruders

Destroy the tentacled menaces of the deep with your submarine torpedoes! Use your
sandcastles for cover. Watch for mines!


Shoot the crawling critters and save your garden!

Quack Blam

Shoot down the ducks as quickly as possible!

Paddle Hockey

Get the puck into your opponent's goal!